Mattress & Box Springs

Beginning November 1, 2022, Massachusetts has updated their list of "Waste Ban" items to include mattresses, box springs and textiles which means landfills, transfer stations and waste-to-energy facilities across the Commonwealth will no longer accept these items for disposal. Instead, they must be recycled or reused, and textiles must be donated for reuse or other secondary uses.

Massachusetts has a statewide plan to reduce waste 30 percent by 2030. Massachusetts residents get rid of almost 300,000 mattresses and box springs and nearly 230,000 tons of textiles every year. That's a real waste as 75 percent of what's in a mattress can be recycled and 95 percent of textiles can be reused or repurposed.

 All Plainville residents, regardless of if they are on the municipal trash program, must contact a mattress recycler directly to schedule and pay for collection. The Town has no contractual or other relationship with any company, and neither endorses nor warrants the services provided by any such company but is providing contact information only as a courtesy to our residents.

Company Phone Website Email
Hand UP 774-271-8744
Green Mattress Recycling 800-837-9611