Regional Communications Center

The Metacomet Regional Emergency Communications Center (MECC) is a six-town Regional Emergency Communications Center located in Norfolk. The six towns served by the MECC are Franklin, Mendon, Millville, Norfolk, Plainville, and Wrentham. The objective of the MECC is to provide both the citizens and emergency responders in each community with the highest quality dispatch services and professional communications with an emphasis placed on safety, accuracy, and cooperation. The center is staffed 24/7 and is responsible for answering all E-911 calls in each community, answering business lines, and dispatching appropriate emergency responders based on the nature of the call.

It is important to remember that when you call for assistance you will be asked to specify which town the incident is in that you are reporting. Do not assume that the dispatcher knows that when you report an incident on Main Street that they know which town you are in, as more than one town has a Main Street.

All MECC dispatchers are certified in Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD). When you call to report a medical emergency the dispatcher will ask you a series of questions and when applicable will provide you with pre-arrival instructions. While this is happening, rest assured that another dispatcher is dispatching the appropriate resources.

911 Calling Tips

  • To report a crime
  • To report a fire
  • To save a life
    • Stay calm and speak clearly.
    • Be sure to listen carefully and answer all of telecommunication's questions to the best of your ability.
    • Do not hang up until the 911 call taker has obtained all of the information that is needed.
    • If you cannot speak, you can still communicate with the call taker by using your phone's key pad.

Once the Call Taker Answers

  • Press 1 if you need POLICE
  • Press 2 if you need FIRE
  • Press 3 if you need an AMBULANCE

Cordless phones will not work during power outages, so it is important to always keep a corded phone in your home in case of an emergency.

If you have a Voice Over Internet (VoIP) phone, it is important to be aware of any and all limitations it has on calling 911.

Active Recruitment

Metacomet Emergency Communication Center

Full & Part-Time Job Posting

The Metacomet Emergency Communications Center (MECC) is currently hiring individuals seeking a career in public safety telecommunications. The MECC is a Regional Communications Center serving the Police and Fire Departments for the town of Franklin, Mendon, Millville, Norfolk, Plainville, and Wrentham.

We are currently hiring full and part-time Public Safety Telecommunicators.

General Summary

Under the supervision of the Communications Supervisor, using a computer-aided dispatch system, receive emergency calls from the public requesting police, fire, EMS, or other emergency services for participating communities. Determine the nature and location of the emergency; determine priorities; and dispatch police, fire, EMS, or other emergency units as necessary and in accordance with established policy and procedures. Receive and process 911 emergency calls from multiple member communities, maintain contact with all field units on assignment, and maintain the status and location of police and fire units. Monitor direct emergency alarms, and answer non-emergency calls for assistance. Enter, update and retrieve information from a variety of computer systems. Receive multiple requests for information simultaneously, and process those requests accurately and in a timely fashion. Monitor several complex public safety radio frequencies simultaneously. Operate a variety of communications equipment; including radio consoles, telephones, computer systems, and alarm monitoring equipment.

Essential Functions

  • Receives Business and Emergency 911 incoming calls from the public courteously, obtaining all relevant information efficiently.
  • Dispatches and communicates with law enforcement, fire and EMS units, ensuring agency policy, procedures and goals are met.
  • Evaluates and determines the type and level of service required quickly and directs this information to the appropriate respondent.
  • May be required to lift and carry heavy equipment, materials and supplies without assistance.
  • Knowledge of the operation of radio receiving and transmitting equipment.
  • Learns and maintains familiarity with general geography of the communities served.
  • Ability to understand and execute oral and written instructions.
  • Ability to be courteous, but firm with the calling public.
  • Ability to read and understand laws, departmental policies, rules and instructions.
  • Working knowledge of computers in a multi-task environment.
  • Ability to react quickly and calmly under emergency conditions.
  • Ability to write reports.
  • Ability to learn quickly departmental functions, practices, rules and regulations pertaining to Public Safety.
  • Ability to speak clearly in a well-modulated voice and to use good diction.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships as necessitated by the work.
  • Ability to work in a 24/7/365 operation, including nights, weekends and holidays. Compensated overtime as required.
  • Ensures that the security of the MECC is maintained at all times.
  • Ability to sit at a dispatch console and working over extended periods of time. Staying alert at all times.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.
  • Employment Qualifications
  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Preferred certifications in EMD, CPR, NextGen 911, APCO PST 1, CJIS. If not current, ability to obtain mandatory certifications within two months of hire.

All new hires must be cleared by State, FBI and Departmental background investigations.

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