Tips for Lost and Found Cats


It is essential to the health and safety of your cat, that they be kept indoors only. However, should your cat go missing, please follow these steps.

  • Every moment counts! Do not wait and hope your cat returns before taking action!
  • Search the perimeter of your home, under bushes and structures. A scared cat will want to hide.
  • Alert your neighbors.
  • Immediately, that same day...Call your Animal Control Officer.
  • Call your local shelter, Paws of Plainville 508-695-4707. The shelter has experienced staff that can help you safely trap your cat. Or someone may have turned in your cat.
  • Post your cat's photo, where it went missing, and your contact information on Facebook (if possible), or other social media forums.
  • Create posters and post them around your neighborhood and adjacent areas as well.
  • Finally, don't give up too soon.


  • Take pictures and note when you first saw the cat.
  • As quickly as possible, ask your neighbors if it belongs to them.
  • Immediately, call your local Animal Control Officer.
  • Please do not touch an animal you do not know. But try to safely assess the cat from a safe distance. When you do contact officials, you'll be able to give them a quick bit of information; Is it friendly? Does it seem sick? Is it wounded? Does it have kittens with it? This will give officials a sense of the urgency at hand.
  • Feed the animal, if possible, to keep it around until it can be tended to by officials.