Regulations for Conservation Land


  • "Commission": shall mean the Plainville Conservation Commission.
  • "Conservation Lands": for the purpose of these regulations, "Conservation lands" shall mean all properties with public access under the jurisdiction of the Plainville Conservation Commission.
  • "Enforcing agent": shall include Plainville Police Department, Massachusetts Environmental Police, or Plainville Conservation Agent.
  • "Motorized vehicle": means any mechanically propelled vehicle running on rubber tires, belts, cleats, tracks, skis or cushion of air and dependent on the ground or surface for travel, or other unimproved terrain whether covered by ice or snow or not, where the operator sits in or on the vehicle. Motorized vehicles include, but are not limited to, cars, trucks, jeeps, SUVs, all-terrain vehicles, off-road vehicles, snowmobiles, motorbikes, mini-bikes, motorized scooters, or motorcycles. Motorized vehicles also include motorized boats.

Rules & Regulations


The Conservation Commission invites everyone to enjoy the conservation lands in Plainville for passive recreation. The Commission has adopted these regulations under its authority (M.G.L. Chapter 40, §8C) to make regulations for Town conservation lands in order to protect wildlife habitat, prevent erosion, and provide an enjoyable experience for all persons using the trails. A list of conservation lands is available at the Commission office.

Basic Regulations

  • Conservation lands and associated parking are open from dawn to dusk. Parking after dusk is prohibited.
  • The Conservation Commission and the Town of Plainville are not liable for injuries, damage to property, theft of personal property or other losses incurred while using the conservation lands. Persons using the conservation lands assume all and any risks involved with use of the land.
  • All cans bottles, litter, and garbage or any other materials brought onto the property are to be taken away by the user.

Allowed Activities & Uses

  • Conservation land may be used for passive recreation, including hiking, jogging, canoeing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, horseback riding, picnicking, education, and nature study.
  • Dogs shall be kept under the owner's control at all times. Dogs shall not be allowed to dig holes or otherwise damage the land. Dogs shall not be allowed to endanger wildlife or the natural vegetation.
  • Rules and Regulations for the Use of Conservation Lands - Adopted June 10, 2008; Effective July 1, 2008
  • Non-motorized bicycle riding is permitted except on restricted trails. The bike rider shall not damage the trail or endanger other trail users. Neither shall the bike rider endanger wildlife or vegetation. The bike rider shall stay on the trails.
  • Use of the Town's conservation lands by groups / organizations having an adult leader present at all times may be allowed with prior notification and approval of the Conservation Commission.
  • Camping overnight may be allowed for groups / organizations having an adult leader present at all times.
  • Every group / organization shall obtain prior written permission from the Conservation Commission, and must each time notify the chief of police of both exact dates of occupancy and identity of the accompanying responsible adult.
  • A permit from the fire department is required for open fires.
  • Hunting and fishing are allowed in season with license and in accord with applicable law.  (Note: Hunting on Conservation Commission owned land directly off Peck Road is not allowed due to the narrow width of the two parcels).

Prohibited Activities

  • Motorized vehicles are prohibited except for emergency response by the Police and Fire Departments, or maintenance activities, or with prior written permission of the Conservation Commission, or in specified parking areas.
  • No person shall cut, break, remove, deface, or defile any structure, fence, sign, growing trees, bushes, rocks, soil, plants or flowers except by written authorization of the Conservation Commission.
  • No trails shall be cut or marked, no dams built, no structure such as a lean-to, bridge, etc. shall be constructed except by written authorization of the Conservation Commission.
  • The disposal of trash, yard waste, or the dumping of any other material on conservation land is prohibited.
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  • Target shooting is prohibited.
  • Use of projectile launching, except for licensed hunting, is prohibited.
  • The use of conservation lands for commercial purposes is not allowed except by written authorization of the Commission.


Violations of these regulations may be punishable by fine. A fine of not more than $100 per day shall be imposed for any violation of these regulations. These fines may be imposed by the police or by the Conservation Agent. Each day shall constitute a new offense.

Effective Date

  • These regulations shall become effective on July 1, 2008.
  • The foregoing Regulations shall be prominently posted on all Conservation Lands, published periodically in the Town's newspaper, shall be available to the public, and shall be given to all individuals seeking use permits.