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Posted on: May 10, 2023

Trash & Recycling Program

Trash & Recycling Program


The current Municipal Refuse Collection contract expires on June 30, 2023.  Over the past 6 months, the Board of Health has worked diligently to obtain the most qualified and lowest bidder to service the program beginning July 1, 2023.  We have explored all possible options and are committed to providing the residents of Plainville with the most cost effective and comprehensive Municipal Refuse Collection Program. Careful consideration has been given to determine the level of participation, cost effectiveness, alternative options for funding, convenience to the user and the level of service provided. Unfortunately, with a new contract comes new prices. The Board of Health believes that the town-sponsored program offers a better value for most of our residents than private haulers can provide. Below are the most notable program changes that will take effect July 1, 2023.


The program is available to single-family, two-family and three family-households. Multifamily greater than 3 units, apartment buildings, and large condominium complexes are not included.

Although many other towns force you to pay for the service then request an abatement to not use it, the Plainville trash program has always been an option to residents, and they may choose to use the Municipal collection program or not.   


The annual household collection fee will be as follows:  Single-family homes - $410.00, Two-family homes - $820.00, Three-family homes $1,230.00.   The annual fee includes weekly curbside collection of recyclables, one full 35-gallon sized trash cart(barrel), one full 64-gallon sized recycling cart (barrel) and one Recycling Center access pass. Payment MUST be received by June 16, 2023, to allow time for the carts to be delivered to your home and service to begin on July 1, 2023.  


When residents are trying to figure their annual trash costs, they must remember to include the per bag fees. For example:




Single Family annual fee

$ 174.00


One bag per week @$1.50 ea.

$ 78.00

One bag included

Total per year






Increase per year



Increase per month






New cost per month




The Board of Health believes that the town sponsored program for single-family homes offers a better value at $34.17 per month for most of our residents than private haulers.


Each paying household will be provided a 35-gallon sized trash cart and a 64-gallon sized recycling cart.  The cart will be delivered to your home.  No containers other than those provided by the town will be serviced with the automated collection arm. Residents may dispose of their old barrels and recycling bins at the Recycling Center for free.

TRASH - 35-gallon sized cart

Trash that can fit into the town provided 35-gallon cart WILL NOT require a trash sticker. The cost for disposal is included in the annual fee. All trash must be bagged. Generally, you can fit two 17-gallon sized kitchen bags into the cart. Trash that does not fit in the cart can be put curbside in an “overflow bag” with a $1.50 trash sticker attached to the neck of the bag, just as you do now. The bag cannot exceed a maximum 35-gallon size and 35-pound weight limit. You may use a 35-gallon maximum sized trash barrel to hold the stickered overflow bag (a barrel is preferred to reduce rodent activity). The “overflow bag” sticker price will not increase; however, it is recommended you do not over buy trash stickers as you may not need as many after July 1, 2023.


RECYCLING - 64-gallon sized cart

All acceptable recyclables that fit into the town provided 64-gallon sized recycling cart will be serviced with the automated collection arm. No containers other than those provided by the town will be collected. If the cart contains unacceptable recycling, it will be rejected. Please refer to the acceptable recycling list. To maximize space in the recycling cart please remember that cardboard can be brought to the Recycling Center on Mondays & Saturdays for no charge, with a valid recycling center pass.



Any non-metal, household item too large to fit in the 35-gallon trash cart or overflow bag is considered bulky waste (does not include mattresses and box springs and some other exceptions may apply).  You must call E. L. Harvey & Sons at 800-321-3002 to schedule and pay them directly for collection.  Special waste stickers will no longer be required for bulky items.  The cost for collection is: 

$25.00 per item that is 4’ x 4’ or smaller and 50 lbs. or less that can be handled by one person; 

$50.00 per item that is over 4’ x 4’ and 75 lbs. or less and can be handled by one person.  

For extra large items call E.L. Harvey for pricing.



You must call a mattresses & box spring recycler to schedule and pay them directly for collection.  E.L. Harvey will take them for a fee but there may be more cost-effective options.   Please visit the Trash & Recycling website for additional information.



In March of 1998, the Plainville Laidlaw Landfill closed. Up until that time, Laidlaw provided the Town of Plainville, as the host town, with free trash & recycling services. Upon its closure, for the first time, residents had to pay for trash & recycling services when the town initiated a “Pay As You Throw” collection program.  That program in the beginning only required $1.25 stickers on trash bags. Those stickers prices increase to $3.00 per bag by June 2000.


In 2001 the program was restructured to include an annual fee for single family homes of $120.00 per year and the bag stickers was reduced back to $1.25 per bag. For 17 years there was not a price increase until 2018 when the annual fee went to $150.00 per year and the bag price to $1.50 per bag. The last increase was in 2022 when the annual fee was increased to $174.00 per year and the sticker price remained the same at $1.50 per bag. It should be noted that at no time was the cost to collect, dispose or recycle included in the tax base.   


Detailed information on the Trash & Recycling program can be found on the Town’s website at

Health Director Deb Revelle's presentation before the Select Board on 5-8 Click Here 

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