What Can Be Recycled Curbside

What Can Be Recycled Curbside

If it is a household bottle, can, jar or jug used for beverage, food, kitchen, laundry, bath.

Please help to keep cost down and only recycle acceptable materials and avoid contamination.

Preparation instructions are included:

  • Aluminum food and beverage cans and lids: Rinse Clean
  • Aluminum foil and pie plates: Rinse Clean
  • Cardboard, (Clean): 2 feet by 2 feet, flatten
  • Chipboard boxes (cereal, pasta, cracker, etc.): Flatten
  • Cleaning supply bottles (household): empty completely
  • Glass bottles and jars: Rinse Clean, remove lids and corks, labels OK
  • Metal cans and lids used for food and beverage: Rinse Clean, labels OK
  • Newspaper and inserts
  • Paper, mail, brochures, envelopes, magazines, colored paper, etc.: Window envelopes OK
  • Plastic bottles, jugs, jars and tubs, kitchen, laundry, bath: Rinse Clean, labels OK, Caps OK
  • Tin cans and lids used for food and beverage: Rinse Clean, labels OK

What Cannot Be Recycled Curbside

All of the items have been found in Plainville recycling containers. Includes instructions on what to do with the items:

  • Aerosol cans: Trash
  • Automotive chemical containers: Trash if empty, otherwise it is hazardous waste
  • Candy wrappers: Trash
  • Ceramics, dishes, drinking glasses: Trash
  • Chicken wire: Bring to Recycling Center
  • Chip bags: Trash
  • Cigarette butts: Trash
  • Clam shell to-go containers: Trash
  • Clothes: Bring to Recycling Center
  • Cords and wires: Trash
  • Extension cords: Trash
  • Film plastic, plastic bags, product wrap, zip-close bags, etc.: Trash
  • Fireplace screen insert: Trash
  • Flower pots and trays: Trash
  • Food Waste: Compost
  • Garden hoses: Trash
  • Glass windows, broken: Trash
  • Glossy paper (photos, etc.): Trash
  • Kitchen Faucet: Bring to recycling center
  • Laundry Baskets: Trash
  • Medication bottles: Trash
  • Metal coat hangers: Bring to recycling center
  • Motor oil containers: If empty, trash; if full, bring to Autozone
  • Paint cans: empty cans or dried latex can be trashed; all others are hazardous waste
  • Paper plates and cups: Trash
  • Paper towels, napkins, tissues: Trash
  • Pizza boxes, greasy or with pizza inside: Trash; if clean, recycle curbside
  • Plastic items not used as a household bottle, jugs or jar: Trash
  • Plastic bags (All): Trash or return to store
  • Plastic "Recycle" bags (i.e., Glad, Hefty): Trash
  • Plastic buckets, 5-gallon pails: Trash
  • Plastic chair: Trash
  • Plastic hangers: Trash
  • Plastic plates, cups, utensils: Trash
  • Plastic toys: Trash
  • Pool Skimmer (JPG): Trash
  • Pots and pans: Bring to recycling center
  • Rigid plastic, crates, flower pots: Trash
  • Shower Curtain: Trash
  • Stove pipe: Bring to recycling center
  • Styrofoam, packing peanuts, meat trays, etc.: Trash
  • Take-out food containers: Trash
  • Textile/clothes: Bring to recycling center
  • Tires: Bring to recycling center
  • Toaster oven: Bring to recycling center
  • Tree Limb: Bring to recycling center
  • Underwear, dirty and soiled: Trash
  • Vases, glass, metal and plastic: Trash
  • Weed wacker: Bring to recycling center, empty of gas and oil
  • Wire hangers: Bring to recycling center
  • Yard Waste: Bring to recycling center